SkyBlock Season 2

SkyBlock Season 2

We can finally announce the second SkyBlock season - it will open on 5th May at 6 PM (GMT+2).

Thanks for your activity and feedback about the last season - we used your ideas to improve this season!

Most important changes for this season:

  • We have added Custom Enchants in two categories (Simple and Legendary) which will replace Skills in PvP and Mending enchantment (as there is a new special Custom Enchantment for it). In the Rubies shop you will find cool accessories as "MobTrack" creators and more - the full list of Custom Enchantments and what they offer you can find with the command /ce.
  • Island levelling blocks now will be harder to obtain. They will be craftable from two parts - a special "Core" can be bought in the /shop and Cave Crystals that can be mined in the Citadel Caves. Recipes for these blocks can be viewed with the command /recipes.
  • PvP activity was not the best last season - so after a poll, we switched to 1.8 combat, which impacts even mobs. That includes HP regeneration and other old-combat systems.
    • To accommodate this, we have rebalanced the economy, including adding spawner limits (that can be upgradable with /is upgrade).
    • The Warzone has been updated too - there is a new and large fighting area with useful rewards, such as a revived Event Crate. You won't be able to use any Skill buffs - use Custom Enchantments instead.
  • We learned a lot from implementing Rubies last season - this time the Rubies shop has been completely revamped. There is no more "Stock", no rotating items, and other unnecessary blockers.
  • Implemented multiple QOL changes such as "Crop Toggle" in /fps (for those with large farms), renamed VoidChests to MobCollector, rebalanced Citadel Caves, and much more.

You will be able to join with Minecraft: Java Edition version 1.20.4 (soon with the latest versions as well) - we hope to see you this Sunday (5th May) at 6 PM (GMT+2)!