• These rules apply only to the Skyblock server.
  • Compliance with these rules is a mandatory requirement of the server, and circumvention is prohibited.
  • Any violator of the rules may be punished at the discretion of the administration.
  • Any punishment can be appealed if the player has indisputable evidence of its injustice.
  • The administration reserves the right to change the server rules without prior notice.
  • Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from punishment.

       - The respective label symbol is the last modification made in the rules.

1. In-Game chat rules

  1. Chat is to be used for its intended purpose - for reasonable communication.
  2. Advertising foreign projects is prohibited.
  3. We do not support any form of threat in the in-game chat.
  4. We do not endorse trading for real-life money in the game's public chat.
  5. "Admin Abuse" is prohibited, meaning constant toxicity and aggression towards administration members.
  6. Unreasonable use of the /helpop and /report commands, thereby disrupting the administration's work, is prohibited.
  7. The administration does not recommend the use of vulgar language in the chat, including homophobia, racism, and encouraging suicide.

1.1 Player data privacy and its conditions

  1. Players are personally responsible for the information, images, or any other data they publish.
    1. The administration does not assume responsibility for data storage if the source of the data/image/etc. is a link that cannot be deleted.
  2. The administration will remove materials containing personal data upon request.
  3. The administration will penalize players if any individual or group is ridiculed using published data/images/etc.
  4. The administration does not recommend nor encourage the republishing of personal data/photos/etc.

1.2 Deceiving players in an in-game environment is prohibited

The rule states that the following acts constitute misleading the players:

  • If misleading information about the server is spread in chat, always contact the administration for accurate information.
  • Trading in-game items that aren't real, like a renamed page called "/Fly access".

2. Modifications

  1. Any modification that gives an unfair advantage over other players is prohibited, such as.
    1. Programmes that give you an unfair advantage over another player.
    2. Programmes that perform automated actions.
    3. Programmes that are modified copies of the original.
    4. Scripts that automatically execute actions.
    5. Programs that edit a register or memory field.
    6. Programmes that spoof information about the player or the player's devices.
    7. Modifications to FlyBoost.
  2. Anything above the 28CPS threshold is already considered unfairly outbidding others.
    1. Rebinding “Attack/Destroy” to something else than default (left button) to gain advantage over other players is prohibited.
    2. We do not recommend clicking types such as DragClick, ButterFlyClick.
    3. Double/Triple Click mice are also counted as unfairly outnumbering others.
  3. Printer and similar functions of other modules are prohibited.

3. Scamming of any kind is prohibited, Inside.

  1. The Island Leader accepts absolute responsibility for the members taken on and for any damage or loss they cause to the Island.
  2. Inside the case, the Administration accepts no responsibility for damages incurred on the island. Items will not be returned.
  3. The player who made the Inside will be banned from the game, provided the Island Leader has made a valid complaint on the Side Realms Discord.
  4. The value (spawner, items, etc.) placed on the island is the property of the island from the moment of placement!

4. IS TOP influencing

  1. Agreements and cooperation between islands are prohibited.
    1. PvP allying within Warzone areas is prohibited, this includes Outpost, KoTH, etc.
  2. Any use of ALT accounts to influence the results of the IS TOP competition is prohibited.
  3. It is forbidden to transfer values to another island in order to influence the results of the IS TOP competition.
  4. It is prohibited to merge islands by transferring values to one common island without the permission of the administration.
  5. It is forbidden to transfer value to another island (the administration decides whether the value transferred is high enough to warrant a penalty).

5. Using ALT profiles

  1. It is forbidden to use an ALT account to bypass an active ban.
  2. Non-member accounts on the Island are prohibited.
  3. ALT accounts may not be used to gain an advantage in lotteries, competitions.
  4. The use of ALT accounts to create additional islands is strictly prohibited.
  5. Each individual person can only have 2 accounts (technical solutions such as VPN, proxy, etc. are prohibited).

6. Server failures / unauthorised actions

  1. It is forbidden to specifically affect the performance of the server.
  2. It is forbidden to build a /sethome on a foreign island.
  3. It is forbidden to enter a foreign island in an unauthorised manner.
  4. Exploitation of server vulnerabilities is punishable by disqualification from the IS TOP competition or loss of property and ban from the game.
    1. Exploiting a loophole - circumventing, misusing or deliberately using any limitation of the game for any advantage.
    2. If a flaw in the game is found, it must be reported immediately to the members of the administration.

7. Server internal procedures

  1. Item names containing non-normative vocabulary are prohibited.
  2. Encouragement to commit an infringement is prohibited.
  3. The use of the /helpop and /report commands is prohibited, thereby interfering with the work of the administration.
  4. Encouragement to commit an infringement is prohibited.

8. Lodging a complaint

  1. The complaint must be made within 24 hours of the offence or problem being recorded.
  2. The Administration conditionally does not undertake to seek evidence of the infringement complained of.
  3. The administration verifies the authenticity and veracity of the evidence as far as possible.
  4. The administration will post a reply to the complaint within 3 days, but the final reply will be given after verifying the veracity of the complaint.
  5. In the case of false, repeated accusations, the administration has the right to punish without the possibility of appeal.

9. Appeal against a ban

  1. An appeal is considered valid if it contains adequate evidence that the sentence is unjust.
  2. Appeals against all types of closures must be lodged within 48 hours.
    1. An appeal lodged within the time limit may be dismissed without consideration.
  3. The administration has the right to withhold the evidence that was used as the basis for denying access to the server.
    1. Evidence shall be provided only at the request of senior management.
  4. The administration may take into account the history of previous penalties when deciding whether to cancel a penalty.
  5. The administration must reply within 3 days, with a final reply after verifying the veracity of the appeal.

10. Punishment policy

  1. The penalty shall be imposed by the administration in its objective opinion.
    1. If the penalty is considered unjustified or too severe, this will form the basis of an appeal by the higher members of the administration.


For every 2 bans, the island receives 1 strike.

→ Warning (STRIKE) 1 - Warning without penalty
→ Warning (STRIKE) 2 - 15% Potential value subtraction
→ Warning (STRIKE) 3 - 45% Subtraction of Potential Value
→ Warning (STRIKE) 4 - 75% Subtraction of Potential Value
→ Warning (STRIKE) 5 - Island Disband (NO REPEAL)

| Value is deducted from the IS Top results at the end of the season |

[ Last modified 01.01.2024 ]