SkyBlock opening

SkyBlock opening

In just a few days, on 13th March at 6 PM (GMT+2), the second Side Realms server will open - SkyBlock!

Players who were playing in the server before our rebranding will remember the following base features:

  • You can play SkyBlock both solo and in teams
  • Every island consists of 3 dimensions - Overworld, Nether and End
  • Carefully crafted missions (/is missions) that unlock various new features
  • Vanilla crops replaced with CUSTOM CROPS
  • Special place "The Citadel" with quests and a fun event "The Citadel Showdown"
  • Koth, Outpost, and other events

And since our previous "Side Network" SkyBlock season, the following features are new:

  • The Citadel island is replaced with The Citadel Caves - a magical place where new and unseen monsters appear which drop very valuable drops. Citadel Caves are split into 3 zones and 3 bosses you have to defeat to unlock the next zone
  • Added /is audit - a useful tool to track changes in the island
  • MobCoins and Event crate have been combined under a new currency - Rubies. Earn them by killing entities, participating in events, and get useful goods in the Ruby Shop with command /rubies
  • The Citadel Showdown will no longer have a Challenge before the game - instead, there will be a "pre-game" where up to 10 islands will play one Showdown game. The first 3 islands who finish will participate in the full Showdown game
  • Improved server economy, added Seasonal Crate
  • Added Cosmetics (just as in the Survival Realm)
  • Added new missions, fixed various issues, and other smaller changes

The server is based on Minecraft: Java Edition version 1.20.4 - we hope to see you at the grand opening next Wednesday (13th March) at 6 PM (GMT+2)! IP: