Side Realms Grand Opening!

Side Realms Grand Opening!

The first Side Realms server will be opened this Saturday (17th February) at 7PM (GMT+2): Survival!

Our players will notice a lot of similarities to the previous Survival server before we merged servers together. We are planning to gather general feedback from Survival players thorough the season to match the server's future as closely as possible to player expectations!

Join the server this saturday to find:

  • Unique land and team system - protect your builds from others
  • Easy-to-use private and public portals
  • Player job driven economy
  • Fun quests with multiple daily ones
  • Cosmetics
  • Wast server spawn with many activities and player built properties
  • Different events where you can get crystals - special server currency
  • Close-to-vanilla playing experience with others

Server IP is - server will support Minecraft: Java Edition version 1.20.4, but feel free to join in the future with the newest Minecraft version.

See you soon!