Side Realms: A New Beginning

Side Realms: A New Beginning

Welcome to Side Realms! Previously known as Side Network and Side Survival Minecraft projects, we have recently merged under a new name: "Side Realms".

"Side" server history goes back almost 10 years (we will celebrate our 10-year anniversary this summer), which made us look back at our server's core values and current state. The top priority has always been quality but it had become increasingly difficult to maintain it within two projects.

Our main audience still remains Latvian players, but we have a language switcher both on the website and in our Discord - you will see something similar in the server as well, so the server will be available for anyone who understands English!

One administration, one community - the future for Side servers will be great!

In January many changes will overcome both Discord and our servers under the previous domain - servers will be unavailable until we finish the last changes.

Thank you to everyone who played on any of Side servers even before this merging, we hope to see you soon in Side Realms server!