• The rules apply to subservers that do not have their own individual rules.
  • Compliance with these rules is a mandatory server requirement and circumvention is prohibited.
  • Any rule-breaker may be penalised at the discretion of the administration.
  • Any penalty can be appealed if the player has irrefutable evidence that the penalty was not justified.
  • The administration reserves the right to change the server rules without prior notice.
  • Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from the penalty.

       - This symbol indicates the last change made to the rules.


It is forbidden in servers:

  1. Spam in public chat.
  2. Disorderly behaviour in public chat (includes rude insults, harassment of family, racism).
  3. Disturb members of the administration without good reason.
  4. Use nicknames (nick) that contain non-normative language, insults.
  5. Disseminate ideas, slogans, audio/visual material and/or symbols of Stalinism, Leninism, Hitlerism or other ideologies of the occupying regime.
  6. Spread ideas about racial inequality, eradication.
  7. Slander or defame the server or any person.
  8. Use non-normative vocabulary.
  9. Distribute audiovisual material of pornographic content.
  10. Disseminate audio/visual material containing personal data (this provision is subject to the principle of good practice in relation to personal data).
  11. Encourage suicide.
  12. Make threats of any kind.
  13. Advertise anything that is not related to the project.
  14. Trading things that are not available on the server.
  15. Spread false, misleading news.
  16. Exploit server vulnerabilities (report them to the administration when found).
  17. Adversely affect server performance.
  18. Intentionally damaging public areas.
  19. The posting of images (pixel art / roof art etc.) that portray a group of players in a negative light, depict genitalia, or anything else that contains unpleasant images or relates to 18+ content is prohibited.
  20. Encourage players to foul.


  1. Unauthorised modifications are considered to be, and are prohibited to be used:
    1. Programmes that give you an unfair advantage over another player.
    2. Programmes that perform automated actions.
    3. Scripts that automatically perform actions


The Administration shall have the discretion to issue penalties for infringements as it deems necessary.


  1. Complaints may be considered valid if they are accompanied by valid evidence that directly shows the violation or problem, shows the perpetrator at the time of the rule violation, or shows lost items if the complaint was about a problem (complaints based on violations in public chat require, as a minimum, an unedited full game "screen" or "screens" with the entire chat in an appendix, to guarantee its originality and context).
  2. Complaints must be made within 12 hours of the offence or problem being recorded.
  3. The administration must reply to the complaint within 3 days. The final response is pending the veracity of the complaint.
  4. Complaints submitted after 12h or if they contain invalid evidence may not be considered.
  5. The Administration does not undertake to seek evidence of the irregularities alleged in the complaints. The Administration shall verify the veracity of the evidence where technically feasible.
  6. In the event of multiple infringements of the same rule in a single complaint, or in complaints from multiple players, a penalty will be issued for the single most serious infringement.


  1. Appeals can be considered valid if the evidence presented clearly shows that the sentence is unjust.
  2. Appeals against any bans/penalties must be lodged within 24 hours.
  3. The Administration reserves the right not to enter evidence of infringements.
  4. Appeals may be rejected on the basis of previous convictions, the validity of the evidence, or the length of time.
  5. The administration must reply to the appeal within 3 days. The final reply is due before the veracity of the appeal is established.


  1. Only the community/team leader can claim and receive the prizes.
  2. They must be submitted within 1h if it is an event competition, within 24h if it is a server competition, within 3 days if it is a server season competition.
  3. Additional information on prizes requested by the administration must be submitted within 4 days.
  4. If prizes are not claimed in time, they will be kept for future competitions.
  5. If additional prize information is not submitted in time, the prizes will be awarded as specified in the competition conditions.
  6. It is forbidden to help other communities/teams in the competitions, otherwise the communities/teams will be disqualified.

[ Last modified 01.01.2024 ]